August 2015

Financial Mistakes People Make at Different Ages 
There's a saying that with age comes wisdom, but this may not always be true in the financial world. As people move through different life stages, there are new opportunities--and potential pitfalls--around every corner.

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Five Ways to Manage Risk in Your Retirement Savings Plan 
Your employer-sponsored retirement savings plan is a convenient way to help you accumulate money for retirement. But choosing to participate is just one important step. Another key to making it work for you is managing risk in your portfolio.  More Details

The Cost of Credit 
Sometimes you need to borrow money, especially to pay for a large purchase such as a home or a car. It's easy to focus on your monthly loan payment, but to appreciate how much borrowing money might really cost, you also need to consider the amount of interest you'll pay over time. More Details

What return are you really earning on your money? 
To translate a given rate of return into actual income or growth potential, you'll need to understand the difference between nominal return and real return.

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What is asset allocation? 
Balancing how much of each asset class should be included in your portfolio is a critical task. That balance between growth, income, and safety is called your asset allocation.

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