March 2012


One word 

Frees us of all the weight and pain of life: 

That word is love. 

- Sophocles

Election Year Tax Talk: Deciphering the Terminology
This year's election chatter is sure to include a healthy dose of tax talk. To keep up, here are five terms you should know.

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Business Owner Succession Planning
Every successful business owner must eventually face the question: What will happen to my business when I become disabled, retire, or die? Sooner or later, you will generally need to identify someone to transfer your ownership interest to family members, co-owners, key employees, or an outside party. Without a succession plan, the business may need to be liquidated.  More Details

Seniors Are Often Targets of Scams
Anyone can fall victim to a financial scam, but seniors tend to be a particularly popular targets.

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Can I provide annuity payments to my heirs after I die?
You may be able to provide annuity payment to your heirs after you die with a stretch annuity.

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Can I deduct losses from my variable annuity?
You may be able to deduct your losses in a variable annuity when you surrender the policy.

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