October 2015

Six Common 401(k) Plan Misconceptions 
Some things you think you know about your 401(k) plan may not be true.

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2015 Year-End Tax Planning Basics 
Effective year-end planning depends on a good understanding of both your current circumstances and how those circumstances might change next year. But the window of opportunity for many potential tax-savings moves closes on December 31.    More Details

Frequently Asked Questions on Opening a 529 Plan Account 
529 plans are savings vehicles tailor-made for college. Anyone can open an account, lifetime contribution limits are typically $300,000 and up, and 529 plans offer federal and sometimes state tax benefits if certain conditions are met. Here are some common questions on opening an account.   More Details

My employer now offers wellness benefits as part of its employee benefits package. But what are they? 
Today, many employers are offering wellness benefits as part of an overall employee benefits package. 

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How do I compare my health insurance options during open enrollment? 
The decisions you make during open enrollment season regarding health insurance are especially important, since you generally must stick with the options you choose until the next open enrollment season.    More Details

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