Here is a link to a video review of the 2013 markets

Here is an InfoGraphic from the Peterson Foundation on Why Long Term Debt Matters Now

It is hard to keep track of all of the numbers in our financial lives. Here is a resource that allows you to find all of the key numbers that affect your taxes and your retirement plans. Download a PDF with the Key Numbers for 2014

Some clients prefer to pay for our services with a credit card. to download a form to use to provide the required information here is a link: CC Payment PT.pdf

Looking for a budget form to capture monthly fixed and variable expenses? Here is one that covers just about  everything: IFABudgetDataGathering.pdf

Want to know what you should bring when you meet with a financial planner?  Here is a list from CFP Board: FinancialDocuments.pdf

Want some tips on selecting a financial adviser? Here is an investor bulletin from the SEC: Top Tips for Selecting a Financial Professional

We are serious about keeping your information confidential. Here is a link to our privacy policy: PennyTree Advisers Privacy Policy.pdf

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