ONBOARDING - Getting Started

For an initial fee of up to $750.00 our onboarding services include:

One-hour consultation (in-person or web-based) to review your current financial picture and identify your goals  

An easy-to-use tool, to organize and submit your financial information, including your income, assets, and priorities

Assessment of your risk tolerance as well as the risks in your investments 

Financial check-up identifying potential  problem areas 

Prerequisite to our financial planning and subscription services

Financial Planning - $250 per hour

Our planning services help you:

Develop a sound investment strategy 

Retire successfully 

Deal with education expenses 

Buy a home or an investment property 

Protect yourself from catastrophic events 

Manage debt 

Find trusted specialists, if required

We’ll prepare a personalized Financial Action Plan based on your goals and financial picture. There is a two-hour minimum for hourly services. 

Subscribers - $100 per month

As a subscriber you receive: 

20% discount on planning services

Two 1-hour financial check-up meetings every year with investment risk assessment, analysis and recommendations

Unlimited email and text support for your personal finance questions 

Up to 30 minutes of help over the phone each month at no additional cost 

Written summaries of meetings

Access to your financial plan online 24/7

Access to a secure digital archive of everything your loved ones will need should something happen to you 

Access to a monthly Market Watch report

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